Home with Canon!

I promised,  I wouldn’t  go home  without  a good  printer.  I brought my Epson to the shop for ink conversion but  then  again,  “general error”  appeared.  I was advised to have my unit l be referred to their technical support.  It will take them a week   or  two   because they will still  request for  my unit to be  pulled out.

Initial diagnosis,  the board needs to be repaired.

Estimated repair  plus ink conversion would cost me P5,800  more or less $135,   and that’s the total package.  Gosh, that offer was    ridiculous!   I  gave up.  I walked away  and looked  for the cheapest one.

“General Error” is a common error  for Epson  and most likely  the same problem  will happen over and over again even if it gets done.


This is what I got.

Went home with new  Converted Canon iP2770 at  P3,500.  All in!   Nice deal!  At least I can now  sleep better. With now continuous ink,   next bottle would only  cost me P80,  less than $2.

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