Weekend Purchase

I kept checking promos and voucher online but my fund wasn’t enough to purchase the big item that I  supposed to add into my cart.  I just renewed my two domains and I was surprised because the discount codes  that I’ve entered were not credited to my account, thus I paid my renewals  in full amount. I wonder why it happened when I was so sure that the codes I entered were correct.  Supposedly with the expected discount, I could have purchased one of the gadgets for men online,  in perfect time for  father’s day celebration tomorrow.

I’ll be off in a while to buy CAT uniform for my older daughter. I have no idea about the cost of one set but surely, this purchase will eat again another big chunks of my budget.  The expenses at the start of school year  have a big impact on my budget. I already withdrew my Paypal fund and hope it reflects in my bank account within two days. If not, another blog of  protest is coming up, “I need an extra allowance.” 🙂

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