A Surprising Way to Decide

Would you be surprised if I tell you that one of the factors that affect my daughter to decide on what career to choose is the kind of uniform to wear?  Holy cow!  But that’s the truth and  sole reason why she quickly changed her mind from AB Journalism to a medical course. During the assessment tests that were conducted last year, it appeared that the course that suits her  is something related to tourism and legal studies. But she believes that this course isn’t really her cup of tea. She wants to take any course with no Math subject at all.   She recently  told me that she might enroll an IT course. I advised her  to just enroll  the  easiest. Is there such a career?

Guess what after picking AB Journalism in the lists,  with uniform like that of  a high school student, she decided to take  Physical Therapy instead. I am thinking,  maybe because the course  required to wear like that of  nurses uniforms  and that’s what she really wanted.  Oh well, I couldn’t blame her if that’s her  idea in choosing  a career.  What could I expect?   She just turned fourteen and she will also graduate from high school of  the same age.

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