School is starting once again and it’s time to keep up with today’s latest trends. One way to stay trendy, fashionable and on top of your game is by having a Bic Super EZ Smooth Ink Pen.

The worst thing that can happen in school is a malfunctioning ball pen. That worry will vanish with Bic’s tropical ink formula where the ink is specially made for countries in the tropic areas. With different kinds of barrel colors and ink, Bic Super EZ Smooth Ink Pens will match whatever mood, style, and function you would ever need for school.

Have a smoother writing life with the Bic Super EZ Smooth Ink Pens. You won’t need to worry about your handwriting looking like chicken scratches because Bic pens won’t skip and create broken lines. And you’ll never get caught with inkblots on your clothes because Bic Super EZ Smooth Ink Pens never leak. Perfect for students who are always on the go!

Bic Super EZ Smooth Ink Pens are exclusively distributed by Filstar Distributors Corp. and are available at all National Book Store branches and other fine retail stores nationwide.

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