Rags to Riches Story of Arnel Pineda

I admire Arnel Pineda who inspires millions of people with his  rags and to riches story. He became an inspiration to those who also  dream of  becoming a star.  He was discovered on a YouTube.   It started  when a fan posted his video performing on a bar.   It might be a line  that he and his bandmate used but the amazing voice truly  captured the heart of  Journey guitarist man himself, Neal Schon.  He invited Arnel for  an audition to become a part of the group  and the rest is  a history.  Although Arnel rarely  strums and also plays other instruments, it’s the charisma why he is being loved by many people around the world.

Journey  is now back on the road to hit a  Rock Concert starting July 7 for their  North America  tour, scheduled  till December of the year.  Please watch out if  you haven’t been into a Journey concert.  Check the ticket rates and venues online for more.

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