Choosing a Place to Retire

I took a break  from online world  and declined invitations for events to pay attention to  more important events  in my personal life.  There are times  when I think I’m still working in a corporate office in heeled shoes and corporate attire but definitely working at home  in my pajama, holed shirt and uncombed hair don’t matter anymore. I work at home, available 24/7  for my children and I’m happy about it.  What bothers me now is my  future or my life  when  I get older.    I  may sound ambitious but I  wish I have my investments too.  It’s quite odd to me  but  at  my age I’m already looking forward of my  retiring years.   Below are some tips  in case you are  looking for a  place to retire.

Find  a place that will give you a peace of mind. After hard years of working, you only deserve a  community that will give you an assurance for a quiet and  peaceful life.  Take a look for key  places nearby like park, hospital and supermarket. Consider the temperature  since it is  where you need all the convenience in  life.  You work hard all your life and you only deserve a place like  sunset beach real estate at  There are a lot of  factors when choosing retirement years because it is the time where you live all alone by yourself, without your children.

You might be over busy looking  forward for the future of your children,  don’t you think you need to think about  your senior years  too?  Time flies and before you knew it, you already are walking with the help of  a wheelchair.

4 thoughts on “Choosing a Place to Retire”

  1. my husband and i have already chosen a farm life for our retirement, fresh air, freshly picked fruits and vegetables, animal raising and a log cabin 🙂

  2. I am too far from my retiring years. I am still in the phase on knowing what road to take. 🙂 But I already know where to settle when I retire. It’s in Baguio city where we are living right now. It’s the perfect place to have a rest. 🙂

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