Define Fluffy Eyes

Last month, I dropped our pet majic to a veterinary  clinic for complete grooming.  I decided to  give him a very short haircut leaving only an inch long.  Our pet  felt awkward after all the trimming and grooming were done.  He ran like he’s a brand new dog,  moved a  bit faster and lighter like he lose a few pounds on his weight. I bet if he could only speak for himself, he would blame me sporting him a very short hairstyle.

I was glad when the makeover was done as   he  looked a lot younger like he was only a month old.  Our pet has been with us for almost four years now.   Though I find it very hard to maintain a high maintenance dog,  I still  felt   being rewarded whenever he looks  at me with his fluffy,  cute,  soft and puppy eyes and cuddly face.

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