On Wearing Contact Lenses

My daughter gets used to wearing contact lens everyday.  It took her more than  an hour during her first try about six months ago,  but  now  she can wear  it  for only a  few seconds.  With her eye vision of 375 and 270 for right and left eye respectively,  I  think that a lasik  is necessary when she reaches the age of twenties or when a doctor advised her so.  We just bought a pair of  new soft contacts from an eye specialist clinic.  It was her third purchase and it  will expire in two months. I reminded her to wear glasses as an alternative but she kept insisting the many pros of wearing the contacts.  However she is willing to use  julbo sunglasses  on summer or when our out of town vacation pushes through.

Here are some few tips from her doctor on how to take care of  contact lens.

Always wash your hand with unscented soap. Your hands should be free from contaminants when putting on the contact lenses. When you buy a solution, always check if it is FDA approved and check the quality. Clean your contact lens before putting inside  a lens case. Check the expiry date of the solution and discard the expired and  unused solution beyond expiry date.
Make sure your contact lens case is clean and free from dust. Keep it sealed all the time. Ask your doctor or an eye specialist for more tips of taking care of contact lens.


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  1. I’ve had glasses since I was 15 and started using contact lenses when I was about 25. While wearing contact lenses may look fab and all, it is still healthy to keep a pair of glasses and use it when she’s is at home to give the eyes rest. 🙂

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