Who is your bet?

There are a lot of artists who are really good and are  just there waiting to be discovered.  During the X Factor audition, I couldn’t help but be amazed with the talents  who displayed their natural singing abilities. The show was spectacular. I would say, the judges  would surely  find it  hard to choose who is who to vote out  from the bottom two every week.  One of the X Factor talents,  Joan,  was eliminated though she  has  a unique voice.  She was voted out  and didn’t make it to at six.

Last week, all  the X Factor talents performed the 80s hits.  Jeric, sang the controversial song but it turned out to be classic and the audience favored and even forgot the  controversial story behind the song.    Although  there are a lot of negative comments from the  website, still he  once proved  that he’s there to stay for the show.  Like any other fans,  I still want to see a lot more from him,  like  performing other instrument.  I bet  he   would  excel no matter what instrument he  plays.  I was impressed when he played a guitar the other week. Amazing!

Let’s all watch this  Saturday as the talents showcase another category of  hits.  Who is your bet?  Your vote matters a lot so do not underestimate it.  Please vote and support your bet.

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