Another Trip Less The Camera

My daughter came home yesterday from her three days-two nights retreat in Caluruega, Nasugbu Batangas. It wasn’t her first time to attend such out of town school activity.  At least two out-of-town trips a year were scheduled as part of their outdoor school program.  The said retreat helped her  become a better person.  She has  no camera   in all her trips  since  her freshman year. She always brings a cellphone  but  she couldn’t rely on the poor resolution  and  not so good photography features.  She could only imagine now and explain how the place looks like.  It  has campania planters, religious figure made of rocks and different amazing paintings inside the venue.  She added that she’s afraid of bringing a  camera on her trip and comes back home less the same gadget.

To sum up, she had attended more or less eight out of town trips without camera in her entire secondary years and there’s more to come til  graduation day.  I think she  enjoyed more of the experience not the pleasure of  taking  photos to look years later.   Their  senior field trip that just happened a month ago was held in Enchanted Kingdom.  She wouldn’t have enjoyed the trip  should she bring the  camera with her or  have enjoyed it  otherwise with  a nanny  to take charge of her things and other valuables.  I think that  outdoor  alone is  a  good  experience  even  without this gadget.  She can live without it,  but not the cell phone for her tweeting and social networking account.

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