Audition Tips

There are many talent search programs on  TV  but sometimes you hesitate to go on audition  because  you  think you have no talent and  you  have  no  or  should I say  lack of  confidence to join.  You always caught yourself  embracing negative thoughts and the fear of  being rejected always scares you.  But how would you know  your luck  if  you don’t try it.  If you have a talent, then show it off.

Here are some tips   to succeed on the first day  of  audition.

Dress appropriately.  Do not let your outfit  over powers  the talent that you want to show. Auditioning is like applying for a job.

If you are given 5 minutes to show  your talent then  give your best for every seconds  you’re on the stage.

Pick the best song the fits you. If you can bring electric guitars do so.  Just make sure you chose the best material for you.  First impressions do last.

Prepare yourself for audition. Sleep early so you look fresh and confident on the day of  the audition.

Practice, practice and  practice yourself on the mirror.  The judges know if you are comfortable on the stage. Memorize the lyrics of  your song.   This will make you more confident  when you know every lyrics  of the  song.  Remember that the judging starts  the moment you set your foot on the stage.

If  it happens that  you fail on the early part,  just go on and  give your best  as if   nothing happened.   Even professionals encounter such but it’s how you end your piece. “That last note counts.”

Lastly,  don’t forget to thank the judges.

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