Keep the Ghost Away!

Are you reading ghost stories or watching  scary movies  lately?  Don’t  be startled  because  Halloween  is just a week away  and related stories about ghost are just normal in this time of the year.   Halloween is popular  for kids because of the  trick or  treat event.  For adults,  this is the  time to  visit the  grave of  their loved ones to show their love who are now living in an  eternal life.

If you travel during this season, you would often  hear different ghost stories  from locals,  some are creepy  and  real.  Many people believe that  ghosts  are also roaming  around and   celebrating  with us during All Saints Day or  Halloween.  If you  stay in a  hotel, make sure you are not  booked in a haunted one or in a room where no one ever occupied because of the creepy image  inside.    I heard that when you enter the room  and you feel  something strange,  put your shoes in a different position with  one side  sole up and the other sole side down.  The spirit  lurking around your room  will be confused and lose their  orientation  and  leave the place at once.  They say it’s the way to confuse the ghost.  Whether it’s true or not,  there’s no harm trying  it  or  have goosebumps  when touched  by a ghost  with cold hands.

You may  bring your  items that reflect happiness  like your caterpillar pillow pet   or  your  favorite comfort  stuff  to keep your spirit alive  or   put yourself  to sleep  in a relaxed mind  without  thinking of  any spirits  otherwise.

Cover the mirror with a  blanket or a shawl to seal or block the entrance of  the spirits to enter the other world.

Happy Halloween!


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