How To Start a Music Career

You joined  a  lot of  talent search shows,  unfortunately,  your  luck  doesn’t  always work  in your  favor.  You want to be a singer but you don’t know where  to start.  You  present  your  demo CD  to  recording companies  but  no one  bothers to  listen.  You  are  talented  but what  shall  you  do to become noticed?

During the audition, don’t just sing what you want but consider the audience and  what you think they want to hear from you.  Remember that  there are  a  lot of  good singers  waiting  for their turn to show   their talents too so it is better to give your best at all times.  There are also  not so talented auditionees who passed the auditions  and  just relied in their instruments.    That’s basically giving your all to make your way to get noticed by the  judges and audience as well.

Practice to make  your performance perfect  but do not overtire your voice.  Your vocal cords   might get severely damaged  if you do not  learn the proper technique.  Learn to keep your  voice at  their  best condition always.

Not  all talented singers passed the auditions.  There are many  famous singers  today  who failed during the audition but  they  became  famous  by posting videos online. But of course don’t  make this  as  your  only  passport  to get  known  well  unless of course you  are as great as  Zendee, Charice and Arnel  who have extra ordinary voice to make your  video goes viral.

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