The Importance of Wearing Proper Shoes

How many times did  I  wear  and end up with the wrong shoes?  One, two, three or  more times.  Countless.  I always end up hurting   my feet and warming or cooling  them down at the end of the day.  When I met my high school friends during our reunion about two years ago,  I wore high heeled shoes.  I thought we’re just going to dine in a restaurant and have some talks  but  we ended up strolling at the park. My feet hurt really bad.  I promised that day that I will never wear  high heeled shoes again in a reunion.

When we went to Bataan last summer, my children and  I wore slippers.  We took hundreds steps up and  reached the top of the shrine with  tired and  sore feet.  We should have worn rubbers shoes instead.

At all times,  it is best to wear the proper shoes.   They give comfort and keep our  feet relaxed.  Nurses wear white nursing shoes  and that keep them at ease while on the job doing  rounds.

At home, when I work out, I learned to wear my work out shoes even  when I just  jog  in place. My  toes and sole  hurt when I wear slippers.  It is not easy running on flip flops.

So why is it important wearing the proper shoes?

The right shoes should be worn at all times because the  shoes work  not only for the  feet but also for the whole body.   They  give support to help us prevent us from  unnecessary accidents.  For workers, it is precautionary measure of keeping themselves safe  from potential hazards while at work and their shoes play a big role in  their safety.

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