Another heartbreak

After Pacquiao’s loss,  now comes another heartbreak.  Azkals lost the game to Singapore in the second leg.  Singapore now advances to Final vs Thailand or Malaysia. The  dream to make another  history comes to end.  Till next Suzuki Cup   Azkals,  I’m sure you’ll play better next year.  Goodbye to Suzuki Cup  dream.  Nevertheless, the boys  played well tonight but I think they played better in the first leg. 🙁


On top of this all, I want to congratulate the Azkals for making it to the semi-finals.  The game was really physical.  Some Azkals sustained some injuries during the game. 🙁    I hope I could post more of what I really watched in the game but I  leave it to football analysts and other  sportscasters for their comments and game analysis.  My heart  cried so hard when I saw Phil Younghusband and Dennis Cagara badly hurt.   Now it’s time to go home and rest and prepare for the next game,   probably Challenge Cup?

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