Azkals advances to Suzuki Cup semi-finals

Just a short update. I did not get the chance to watch the game last Saturday  between Azkals and Myanmar.  I was  out  for a weekend trip and there’s no TV  or Wifi at the resort.  I watched the replay last Sunday night via ESPN where it was played  three times that day.   Phil Younghusband scored a goal few minutes at the start of second half  while Angel Guirado sealed  the score to  2 – 0  just a minute  before the referee blew the final whistle.

The next game will be on Saturday, December 8,  8pm,   for the first leg of  the semi-finals  of Suzuki Cup where Azkals will meet Singapore at  Rizal Memorial Stadium,  live via AKTV.   I just  checked the ticketworld website and tickets are now on a Limited Status,  meaning, tickets are almost sold out.  So get your ticket now or  you’ll miss the game live.     Second leg  to be held on December 12 at Jalan Basar Stadium.


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