Help save the marine sea turtles

One of the tourist spots that you should visit  when you’re in Bataan is  Pawikan Conservation Center.  Here, the Pawikan or sea turtles are taken cared of  by  locals who volunteer  to educate the people about this endangered species.   The photos below are just  some of  the pictures that I took last summer during our visit.  The sea turtles here are permanent residents  of  the center because of their deformities  and  the locals  are afraid that  if  ever these sea turtles  be released to the sea,  they might not survive the ocean.  At least they are in a big aquarium  or  a pond with  air pump   as shelter  to keep  them safe  from illegal fishermen  who  are  interested  in  selling  sea turtles  at  a good price.

I hope we all be one in this advocacy to keep the sea turtles from their  endangered  status  and  be brought back  the number  to normal or  even  large number in count.

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