My Christmas Wishlist This Year

I was supposed to join a contest with fabulous prizes  for Christmas but  my mind told me to just list down my wish list just in case Santa drops by in my blog. I think I have more lucks here than joining the contest.  I sure am, Santa would be very generous enough because I’ve been so good this year  and  with that, I deserve  a fabulous gift.

So here’s my wish list this season.  First, I  want exactly the same  shure headphones at Musician’s Friend that  I saw from my  friend’s  website.  They were cool and I love the features and quality of the headphones.  That would be  nice  because my headphone is not working anymore.   Second,  I want  a living room showcase  to keep my guests  relaxed when they visit me home this Christmas.   Third,  I want  a  new lens for my camera, 55-200mm or 70-300mm.   Last  but not the least,  I  want  a  travel kit.   That’s  it.   Wow, that’s only  four  while  I actually  have hundreds of  wishes in my list.   I hope Santa  drops by and  grants  even  one of  of the  above  list.


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