Haunted White House in Baguio – Laperal Mansion

A lot of stories have been written about this house in Baguio,   Laperal Mansion,  somewhere along Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City.   It not included in our  place-to-visit  list  that day but when we passed by here,  we couldn’t help but  stopped by  for photo op.

The white house was formerly owned by Laperal’s Family,   the oldest  clan in Baguio City way  back 1920.

It was reported that many supernatural occurrences happened inside.   Most members of the the family  were reportedly brutally killed by Japanese soldiers  during World War II.   I saw  a few photos on the internet and watched a  documentary  that features the said house and  whole interior is  well  maintained.

Nearby residents and other local folks said that the place is being haunted by  a  ghost  of   young  girl   seen on the steps of the house.  The white house is now owned by  multi-billionaire Lucio Tan.


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