A new show to watch soon, The Voice

The reality show,  The Voice,  will soon to launch and Lea Salonga is confirmed as  one of the coaches,  also in judging panel of the said show.   One of hosts of would  be Toni Gonzaga.   Did I read it right that Bamboo will  be in the show  too?  I have no idea about the plot of this show  and  if  it’s similar to American Idol but  I would love to see new talent discoveries in the future.  It would be amazing if another singer who knows how to play musical instruments like  dean electric guitars   be in the finalists, if not the winner.   Where is Philip Philips now? I love him a lot and his style in singing.   After American Idol, I haven’t heard of his name again unlike Jessica Sanchez who has been very active in the industry lately.

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