About Last Night

Yay! I got the perfect title for this post.  Lol.  I slept late last night because of this.     I helped my younger daughter with her project,  diorama.   She chose Manila Zoo because she thought  that it’s easier  to do.   Her idea of  just putting the miniature animals and trees would make her job easier but the small details like  building the cages, wall,  gates and all  are the toughest part of the project.  Diorama is a  three-dimensional miniature or life-size scene in   which figures, stuffed wildlife, or other objects are arranged in a    naturalistic way  and yes, I copied that definition from Wikipedia.  Haha.   Imagine the effort I exerted putting the glass cage  for   lion  using the paper and the plastic while my glue gun is not working well.   That was tough!  I swear I would protest if she gets a fair grade.  So here’s the fruit, I mean photos of our labor.  I took all the angles for our souvenir.  Tips?  Oh I think, I spent a lot for this project.  So I begged not to share. 

the entrance gate of Manila Zoo (close enough)
Aerial  view.. (lol)  effort to the highest level
a smile.. not her profile-pic-like smile  but nice enough for souvenir photo.   Mom said, smile..  not stiff smile


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