Tips to avoid miscommunication with your hairstylist

How many times have you been to salon and went home unhappy and unsatisfied with the service?   It’s  ironic that the purpose of going to salon, and that is to look beautiful,  becomes opposite sometimes.   Instead  of  leaving the salon  happy, you often find yourself  in front of  the mirror in frown  face.    Often,  the reason is  miscommunication  or  your stylist  is  off duty at the time of your visit.

Here are some tips to avoid miscommunication with your hairstylist.

Be specific.  If you plan to sport a short style,  don’t just say you want short hair style.  Tell  your hairstylist the exact length.   If  you want half inch or two inches, say so and  keep on eye on what your hairstylist  is doing.

If you  have an allergy,  tell the salon at once.  It is okay to bring your own products.  If you have an allergy to a certain  powder,  tell them  before dusting the powder around your neck.  You may bring your own brand like  clubman talc.   I have been practicing that  specially when I want my hair colored.   My hair is kind of sensitive and salon products are not really  fine with me so I bring mine.

Bring a specific photo of  the style that you want. That way, your hairstylist wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out from heaven the  hairstyle that you want.

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