Yearning for Yoga!

I should be working out for my health!  I know you’ve heard this  many times  already.  But what I mean now  is  inner health and  not a  drastic  physical workout.   I cannot attain  it  if  I focus more on my  appearance rather than health.   I’ve been struggling with my diet lately,   losing  weight now and gain few  pounds later.   It’s been on and off  dieting and I always blame  anyone and anything when I feel guilty of not  following  my  diet plan. I should prioritize  my health  above anything else  as I experience heart burn often  and when I read it,  this condition could be mistaken as slight heart attack.

I just read and inspired in one blog about the same thing and found a solution,   that is Yoga.  She was once a stubborn in dieting and find her daily  jogging and brisk walking   a boring activity already.  It really takes a lot of discipline and going out in a restaurant or seeing food post in other blogs are not an excuse to go back to old habit of  indulging  to  sumptuous  food.   I should make another inspiration by seeing  people who are yoga enthusiasts  doing their session seriously  in calm and positive manner  in  their  best selection yoga clothes on.

I just learned that when I became fat and heavy,  my mood follows too.  I also feel serious headache, weak body  and a lot more ill feeling  including heart burn.  I feel like I want to stay in bed as I get heavier everyday.   I know that Yoga could be the most effective way to get fit.  I really  want  to do my first session and hope I could make it regularly to calm down  not  just my body but  also my soul.   I think that I  need it as a stress reliever and I would  find inner peace aside from its  weight loss  benefit.

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