Graduation day is over!

Graduation day  is over,  both for my high school  student and elementary.   It  doesn’t mean vacation day  because we are now preparing for another step in another level in the coming weeks.  My older daughter is scheduled for enrollment next week while my younger one will have her interview next week as one of  the requirements to enter the secondary level.  She will enter grade  seven next school year.  Once the enrollment is done,  then that’s the time  I can finally say,   official  holiday for me.   Seriously, I want to enroll in a yoga class.   After all the stress in my life these days,  this activity will help me put back  my mind into a calm  state.  I  already have dragonfly yoga blocks   from  a friend who just handed  me  down all her  yoga materials  before she left to settle down  in the land of milk and  honey,  US of A.  That was the greatest gift I ever had in perfect time.   She sensed that I really need those.  I  deserve  a break!

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