Coping with Stage Fright

Performance on stage can really be frightening. Millions of people have performance anxiety even the actors,  guest speakers and athletes experience this kind of anxiety.   This can be avoided or if  not,    we can at least  control such dreadful moment on stage. There are some tips you need to do in order to fight such anxiety.

The first step is simply face your fear and tell yourself and that  it’s OK to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect right?   Be prepared.   Practice in front of the mirror.  Enjoy and focus your mind.   Imagine the crowd in big applause.  Whether you are in a concert performing solo or  a group with exceptional tin whistle  instruments,  stay positive and avoid  thoughts that can distract your mind.   Relax.  There are some tips  to do it like controlled breathing or meditation.  You  can also shake your muscles or just free yourself and release all the tensions in your mind.  Above all,  enjoy your moment  when on stage.


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