Choosing the Right Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is not just as easy as  picking up  the latest style,   the shoes perfect for  weather  or  picking  half-price sale on display.   We need to consider  many things like the  weather condition.  During summer,  of course you need some  light shoes to make  your  activities  easier  and fun  under  the sun.

Here are some advice  that may  help you  to choose the right  footwear.

When you’re at the store,  try both pair and stand in few minutes.  Check if it’s comfortable enough to walk a few meters away.

Check the quality of the shoes and consider the environment where you intend to wear the shoes.  If you are working in a place where soles can be disturbing like school,  choose a material with  sof sole insoles   so as not to make any noise as you walk down the passageway.

If you are a  student and you intend to wear the shoes the whole day,   consider  comfortable shoes that can  stand  to wear for longer hours.   To add,  the shoes that don’t need much polishing is an advantage for students who are always on the go.

Always consider the  season whether summer or rainy season.  For rainy weather,   pick the shoes that are durable.  Get the one with rubber material  that  you can  use  in case you need to walk in  flooded street.


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