The Other Side of Charice

The Vice Ganda and Jessica Soho issue was not a news to me.  I have my own view about the difference between  joke and insult but I would keep my silence as this is somewhat a sensitive case and using  wrong words might give another meaning to readers.  I have nothing to say about the two except that we all need to move on to the next issue like,  the buzz.  What I am talking about now is  hot news last weekend as Charice came out in the open and revealed her sexual preference.  She was last  seen at Yahoo OMG awards.   I can see in her eyes the true happiness living like a free man with nothing to hide.  We only live once and life is too short  not to enjoy it, right?

Charice was seen lately giving out school supplies to her former school. She is now living a normal life and doing what she thinks would make her happy. I hope she continues the good deeds that she once  started. I wouldn’t be surprised if she asks her staff to look dept 56 dickens village   to be given away  for Christmas.

The news about her made a buzz in US and Glee magazine. Whatever happens, you will always be the Charice that I knew,   who gave honor and still giving honor  by showing her  extra ordinary talent  to the world.


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