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After spending time in bloghopping, I found out that many moms like me enjoy blogging having themselves expressed their own life in this wall. Meeting other moms with same interest, reading and sharing problems, and other views help me cope up everyday things in such a fullfilling way of the other side of my life. Perhaps, inspiring each other as well. I knew it’s quite awkward sometime to open life into public (doesn’t necessarily mean all of private life) in this way, time passes by without idle time thinking about what will be my day today, tomorrow. In short, boredom that’s killing me sometime has been eaten up by blogwalking.

But there is something deeper other than this boredom or sharing.
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I was supposed to close and intend to make a journal of my everyday life only for myself, but then, I chose to have another one in private and let this one open.  In private, I made letters to people but have not sent them and list down every details of my life. My blog that I have kept online are not written as clearly as the one in private but the feelings and real emotions are still there.

One way of communicating our inner selves is keeping journals. Now, I am writing more for myself using my thoughts rather than thinking words to use concerning who may possibly read my journal.  I have changed this outlook, freeing myself more.

I have journals in my younger days but have burned it. The last time I went home, I found one journal which I thought I have trashed too, journal of year 1993. I reread it and smile flashed in the corner of mind. It is nice to read what I’ve been through day by day in that chapter of my life. After reading, I decided to trash it since it’s been too many years back. I wanna keep a newer ones to review and sort through my feelings and see some flaws to reflect.

Not so nuts this time, looking for lighter and freer side of my life!

This is a reblog from my previous post, April 29, 2009.


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