What makes or breaks my day

Do you know that music has a lot of benefits to our health?   Aside from health benefits, music also has a certain  impact on someone.  It can either make or break one’s  day.

Benefits of Music to Children

Studies show that children who grow up with music most likely develop multiple skills. They are smarter and have more advantage in terms of language development, spatial intelligence and increase IQ.   In language development,  the side of the brain is  involved in processing language.   Young children  should also be involved in musical instruments while they’re still young like,  playing piano or strumming Takamine Guitars as it gives a lot of  benefits too.   This kind of activity is  a  good  stimulating pastime that  helps become  more productive.

When you start to love music, that also opens up a window  to  a bigger world  even the non musical activity.

Personally, I love music when I’m down.  Music keeps me up  on times when I think I’m all  alone in the world.

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