Where to buy quality merchandise

I  just came from another food tasting event.  I said yes to the event for two reasons.  First off,  to discover new food haven in town and next  is to visit  the restaurant  which is located inside the big warehouse that sells surplus merchandise.   Most of the products are priced  eighty percent lower than the the ones that you buy in other big establishments.  From furniture to electronic gadgets and accessories,  they got it all for you.   I  also sighted  a few of known brand  like yamaha apx500ii   but not sure though ift they sell it to a much discounted standard  because we were in a hurry to proceed and discover more  at  the second  level of the store.    Sometimes,  you find what you want   unexpectedly in a place  where  almost  everyone think  were  good  as  second hand.

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