Are you ready for the winter?

I care about you.  I know that winter season is fast coming in your end  and you need all the warmth you can get  when the temperature drops  below zero degrees.   Do you have any  idea where to shop your most comforting robe?   What about  cozy winters for heated socks?    Well, you should check it out now and be ready for the season to avoid sickness that winter brings such as cold, cough, and muscle aches and extreme fatigue.

Buy accessories too like mittens, scarves and beanies.  They are essential  in your everyday work.  I  can’t  bear to think  that  you’d  be  sick  during this time of the year.  Have some wool blankets  and pyjamas at night.   And not but not least,  the soup that would keep you warm.    I  do care about you,  still.

I maybe not be the sun for you to  Shine On   but I hope I’d be the rainbow to rise on.

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