What do you consider when choosing the right frame?

What do you consider when choosing the right frame?  Would you go for the shape, design, color or brand? When you choose the right eyeglasses,  sometimes it is okay to get what you don’t normally wear to give a different aura in yourself.  You will never go wrong with large frame glasses as they are on a hot trend today.  It will also give the biggest protection for your eyes as it guards your eyes from harmful rays  of the sun.

What’s trending lately are cat-eyes and aviators from 70’s and 80’s.  If you are unsure of what shape, ask an expert or a qualified optician to help you decide on choosing the right frame.  There are different shapes to complement your style whether you’re a student, a business person, a busy parent or fashion savvy.  You can buy an extra pair so you have something to pick when you feel like wearing  a different style for a day.

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