The Spirit of Christmas

I can hear some people  sing Christmas  carols  while  some  artists  perform  a  concert to help  raise fund for  the Haiyan survivors.    I remember during my times when we would just go out from town to town  to raise fund to be  used to rent  for  our  sound system like microphone, drum set   for our summer events.  Those were the  days  when  worry  seems to  be non-existent.    With the earthquake, war, flood  and typhoon that  happened one after the other,  I think  that we need to stand  as  one to overcome  these all.

At  this time,  help is most needed  by our fellow countrymen.  We cannot just sit and do nothing because a lot of people  need continuous help  at least until they finally recover.  The spirit  of  Christmas is in the air  where more than  30 countries offered assistance  to help those affected by super typhoon to  recover  and rebuild  lives back  to normal again.

Despite the disasters that happened to our country,  people still stand strong and hopeful for  a new day that Christmas will be as merry like before and nothing happened  in the past.  I guess the best thing is that  they  believe  that  tomorrow  will  bring a new day  while  they  face the reality  of  today with all their strength.


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