An Inspiring Story of Reo Brothers

I already blogged them, the band that is now making an online trend, the Reo Brothers. They are survivors of typhoon Haiyan from Tacloban and use their talents to rebuild their own lives. As I watched the video, I can’t help but be inspired to their story and spread the news because I believe that they deserve a break here in the music industry. They decided to move in Manila, armed only with their instruments like jasmine by takamine guitar and their extra ordinary gift of singing. What was left with them back home was nothing but hope and that leads them now to a new career. At first, they were scared of what would be waiting for them in the new city, their new home. But their first performance left the audience in awe and finished with standing ovation. They are now performing in a bar every Tuesday for their regular gigs.

I will support them in anyway I can. This is truly an inspiring story that there is still hope despite that tragic event in life. Survivors rise to the challenge and that no storm can bend them down.

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