Emergency Bridge

“Mona Lisa”  the only word I could say if someone would ask me about  Leonardo da Vinci.  With that, I would hide myself in shame not knowing more of his genius work.   After our trip at the museum,  perhaps, I could say a thousand word  now  to describe  about  the world’s  famous  inventor, scientist,  artist, musician, architect and beyond.

We  witnessed the last day of   Da Vinci, The Genius exhibit at The Mind Museum and one of those that caught us is the bridge of Safety as Da Vinci described.

Ponte Salvatico
Emergency Bridge

“This bridge was designed to be erected quickly under battle conditions, Leonardo’s idea was that it could be constructed by a group of soldiers in an emergency, using small tree trunks found on the edge of a river.  The trunks are interweaved and braced without use of ropes or nails in such a way that the more downward pressure is applied, the more the braced pieces of wood interlock and the more secure the construction is. Leonardo called it a bridge of  ‘Safety’.”

And my two children tried their luck to build the bridge with the help of their cousin.

And figure out how to rebuild..

And others tried…

and tried..

and get tired..

and maybe given few more time.. they could

build this replica.  And I wonder how all these were made into an emergency bridge.  With no internet and Youtube help,  I cannot contain the admiration I have with  the genius man  who  know how to create the emergency bridge with no ropes, no nails  but was made it stronger when interweaved.

Now,  I want to  see the Leonardo da Vinci  Museum next to my main purpose and other list of  things to do when in Milan.   Of course, it won’t happen, so I just keep imagining  because  only imagination could take me there.

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