How to take care of your instruments

Taking care of your musical instruments

Like your most priced jewelry,  take good care of  your instrument  like  your  most valuable  possession to.  The more care you give, the longer live it will serve.

For  guitars,  never leave it in a dusted place when you’re done strumming it.  Put it in a bag or hang it.

As soon as you see a little damage,  have the parts repaired and  replaced at once  with the same  quality too,  like spirocore silver c,  in case you need a replacement.  Check some stores that offer the same quality item.

Likewise, check the website for detailed  steps when  cleaning guitar.  Because it needs a professional to tune it,  be careful when you loosen the string and ask assistance  from someone  who’s an expert in tuning in this instrument.

Cleaning the dust is not as easy as it seems, so  check guide on how to properly do it. Videos are easier to follow, you may want to consider it too.

Do not use any chemicals that  may harm your instrument. There is a certain cleaning liquid  to use for maintenance.

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