The Reo Brothers

I just can’t get over with this band, Reo Brothers. Their talent are just too good not to share. I just watched them at ABS-CBN Solidarity concert “Kwento ng Pasko” where they performed Beatles hits, “Here comes the Sun”, and “Hey Jude.” I was busy with other things when I heard them perform  cover songs of Beatles.  I dropped my work and watched them as they brought the Araneta Colliseum down.  It was such an amazing performance and gained a standing ovation from the audience.  The crowd requested for more and kept requesting song after each song.   Now I have another band to follow,  the Reo Brothers.  They are just so so amazing.

I was searching for ABS-CBN’s video, unfortunately, the video is not available for sharing. So here’s another video,  not of good quality audio but you can view and hear clearly their   extra ordinary talent.

Updated: Youtube from ABS CBN Online

And watch how Reo Brothers started to rebuild their lives in Manila.

The band, composed of brothers Reno, RJ, Raymart and Ralph.
The Reo Brothers are from Tacloban City.

Read the story of Reo Brothers here.

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