This is how we do it!

This is how we do it!    We stayed in my friends house overnight along with another friend with 5 kids.   Because  she  emptied the furniture in the house including the bed,  we slept in the wooden floor only with mattress pad.  It was another bonding time while sleeping.  I love it.  I  love staring at  the kids having deep sleep even if it  means  waking up with  feet on your  face or  push to the corner of  the wall when somebody stretch out.  LOL.  If you have a 20/20 vision, you can do the counting and  tell me how many  we were  in  the room.   And we’re not included yet here  as we’re still about to shrink ourselves in between.  They all had a good sleep except me who was  disturbed  with  a little noise coming from the neighborhood who started their early Christmas party at 5am.   Yes, that early morning!

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