A Day at a Guitar Store

We’re spending weekend at a mall when a musical instrument store caught my attention. The store showcases guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, drums, and other related instruments. I can’t help myself but stopped and took a glance at the selection of popular instruments on display guitar center music stores.  The salesman told me that they have over 260 stores across the U.S. and they offer free shipping on several items to the Guitar Center location of a customer’s choice. Their website offers an easy way to find all the music items needed in one place. They also offer a great low price through partnerships with the top musical instrument brands.

Bits of Everything

I am halfway done restoring, cleaning and backing  up my site.  It was a manual process that  consumed my time  yesterday.   I love this  job.  It helped me discover more and honed my other skill.  I set aside my home chores and now they’re piled up waiting for me. Thanks to my two lovely girls who helped me  in my other tasks, but of course I still need some polishing because they’re  technically challenged in keeping up the house.

With 2014  drawing near,  everyone seems to be busy preparing for  new year.  This new year, I will not post  my  resolution but I will  do everything to the best that I can.   I think I should  be more organized and seriously do a garage sale like my buddy who’s now  busy selling their old stuff.   It’s  a good way  to declutter  to make space for more important things and and save at the same time.  She is quite occupied these days and meticulously chose appliances for their new home. I would suggest   music studio furniture at music123   for their entertainment room so we have our own area to hang out   as we often did.  They already have a spacious receiving area but it would be nice to have a secluded place intended for visitors like us, err not visitor anymore as we frequent their house.

I can’t help but dream of the same thing. And I wish I have the same walk-in closet, a big bath tub and steam shower. But I am happy anyway because it would mean frequent meeting in the space I claimed ours, the big terrace for our  laugh out loud moments.   Now you know where to find me when I’m nowhere in sight.  I just hope my friend won’t lock  the house  should  I knock on her door   during  my unexpected visit.

This is how we do it!

This is how we do it!    We stayed in my friends house overnight along with another friend with 5 kids.   Because  she  emptied the furniture in the house including the bed,  we slept in the wooden floor only with mattress pad.  It was another bonding time while sleeping.  I love it.  I  love staring at  the kids having deep sleep even if it  means  waking up with  feet on your  face or  push to the corner of  the wall when somebody stretch out.  LOL.  If you have a 20/20 vision, you can do the counting and  tell me how many  we were  in  the room.   And we’re not included yet here  as we’re still about to shrink ourselves in between.  They all had a good sleep except me who was  disturbed  with  a little noise coming from the neighborhood who started their early Christmas party at 5am.   Yes, that early morning!

Are you done with your Christmas Shopping?

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?   The season just came rapidly and you just realized you haven’t  checked everything on your list yet.  You missed a lot including the most important person in your life.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Sit back and relax because the last minute shopping is over but  the season is still  here.  You can now shop in a not so crowded mall  and  shop online with all your convenience.  Sharing extends all through out the year anyway.

Now is the best time to think the gift that will perfectly match your loved one’s wishlist.   Find the perfect  gift for the right person.  For music lover, there are a lot of online stores that offer discounted price.  You can give headphones, guitar or reason refills at musicians friend.   What about a collection of limited CD edition if  your friend  is really a music fanatic.

It is not too late yet for Christmas although a few days already have passed.  Holidays just  flew so fast.  And because you’re late, you have to think  what’s  best   that  your  friends really wish to have.

Holiday Snippet

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.”

“We  may not be rich with material things but  we  have the greatest blessings in life,   family!   It’s always spontaneous for us.  We never plan for our holidays  but when we’re complete we always go out somewhere and spend time together.  We cook,  eat,  laugh,   chat   and  catch up  like  we never see each other for many years.   It’s always fun!   I am the happiest when I’m with them.”