Philippine Azkals wins 3rd place in the AFC Challenge Cup 2012

The blow by blow updates via tweetcasting of team’s keeper Neil Etheridge himself  who was  watching on the sidelines because of the the red card he acquired in the last game,   kept me aware of what’s really happening live in Katmandu stadium. I watched the game on TV and at the same time peeked at the  tweets of other sports caster covering live in the field.

It was an easy goal for the Philippine Azkals against Palestine when Phil Younghusband scored a goal on  the early 4th minute. The Palestine equalized on the 22nd.  Before the halftime break, Angel Guirado scored another goal. Half time ended with score Philippine 3 – 1 Palestine.

I saw  Azkals  playing like a  hungry warrior battling for the  win, the 3rd place.  If they played the game this way in the semis,  they could have won to battle for finals.  But God has the answer to it all.  It’s too young and too soon for the nation to win  for the finals.  Azkals will go home with a big win,  A big victory  for young playing football  nation.

Phil scored 2 goals and one goal each for the Guirado brothers, Angel and Juan Luis.   The FT score Philippine 4 – 3 Palestine made the team to the 3rd AFC Challenge Cup 2012.

You deserve a hero’s welcome. You made us proud again!

Congratulations to the Philippine Azkals!

Azkals lose to Turkmenistan 2 -0

It’s a hearthbreaking loss, Turkmenistan 2-1 Phil Azkals score. I could almost smell the victory but the Turksmen lead the score in the last few minutes of the game that advances them into finals. This is what the football game is. Unexpected. Anything could happen within 90′. The Azkals were the first to score a goal in the first half.

RT by Phil Younghusband

“Disappointed, but we have to look forward. Next goal = 3rd place which would be an incredible achievement!”

Before the end of the game, Neil Etheridge was given a red card while Carli de Murga took his place as GK in the last 4 mins of the game.

Congratulations Azkals, you still did a very good job! You already made history in the Asian Football.

The Philippines will play next with Palestine on Monday, 4:45 pm for the third place.

Philippine Azkals wins against Tajikistan

The score Tajikistan 1 – 2 Philippines made the Azkals Team for the final four. It was a big victory for the Azkals who gave the best fight  and worked hard  for the game.

It was  on the 43rd when Tajikistan scored a goal.  It was just so fast, really fast and I just wished for an  instant and zoomed-in replay   for that controversial goal.      Nine mins after,   my world stopped for a while and screamed  when  Phil Younghusband finally scored a goal.   Now, that’s a real  goal!   Angel Guirado,  on a very close range,  headed the ball on the 80th min.  He was injured after but made a big contribution to the team’s success sending them off to the final four.

It was a do or die game. A very physical game where too many players were injured. Both teams fought for the semi finals. Too many yellowcards were also given to Azkals including Angel Guirado and James Younghusband.

Losers will go home while the final four will meet for the next game. Congrats Azkals!

RT @chieffy_13 “This win is for all the Filipinos who continue to inspire us and support us against all odds. #we believe azkals

Philippine Azkals will play with Turkmenistan for AFC Challenge Cup Semi Finals on March 16, 4:45 pm via Studio 23.

Philippines won 2 nil against India

I just joined the  football group online today and  watched the game  Philippine Azkals Vs India. I am not an expert when it comes to football but somehow I’m slowly learning about it and the goal aspects of the game. I became interested with football even before Azkals became popular in the hearts of the many Filipinos and football lovers.

At the start of the game today, the lineup includes Chieffy Caligdong,  Rob Gier and Angel Guirado with Paul Mulders in midfield.

Phil Younghusband powering left foot strike made to nil 1 in the 10th min ending 1-0 in the first half.  He was very composed and confident but I found myself screaming alone watching the game.  PYH scored a 2nd goal in the 72nd.  There was a lot of opportunity for the team to goal. There was another strike from Phil but it went directly to the GK of India.  Rob Geir was injured when he collided with Chetri, an Indian player,  but Rob went back in the pitch after a while. The team played well and showed a very good defense. I love Neil Etheridge. He’s truly a world class Goalkeeper.

Azkals will play next with Tajikistan on Tuesday, March 13,  4:30Pm (5:15 kick-off)   to be aired via Studio 23.  If Azkals wins on Tuesday, they will qualify for the Semi Finals.  It will be an exciting and tough game. Both teams are looking  forward to be in the Final Four!

image source: internet

2-0 is a realistic score for North Korea vs Azkals

I’ve been waiting for this game to come to see how our national team Azkals would play the game against the mighty North Korea who placed 111 in FIFA.

posted by @cedelfpt via twitter, sportswriter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
“Nokor coach Yun Jong So says Azkals played beyond their expectations. “There’s much development,” he says.”

“Weiss: Not celebrating but we have to take all factors in consideration. 2-0 is a realistic result for a team ranked 60 places higher”

I think that Azkals improved a lot with the defense especially in the first half. If it weren’t for GK Neil Etheridge, the score could have been 5-0.

The Azkals will be playing with India next on Sunday at 7:15 p.m. (Manila time).