My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs

influential blogs

I have been blogging for almost three years now and have visited a few blogs in different category. Some I find boring while others are truly influential that I find myself visiting the site over and over again.  Here is my Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.

1. LEVYousa – when I first visited her site, I was totally impressed on how she writes articles on her blog. Very informative and she makes sense in her post.

2. Mom Writes– Her writings give me a positive view in life. She shares her thoughts and experiences and always gives inspiration to the readers.

3. The Tottering Mama – A mom can truly relate on her blog. She shares her experiences and knowledge as a mom.

4. My Painted Lips – I was totally impressed when I first visited her blog. It reminds me that a mom can be pretty too only with a lipstick. The author is a mom of four kids and many other blogs yet she manages to keep herself smart and pretty with  painted lips. Just the title of the blog itself makes me think how creative and smart she is.

5. The Pepperrific Life – She truly inspires me on how she managed and proved that a woman can stand alone. She symbolizes a woman of power giving out the best for her child.

6. The Blogger’s Journal – the title itself will surely speak for the contents of the blog.  If you are new in blog world, visit her site and you sure will learn a lot from her experiences, be a techie or non techie bloggers.

7. Mommy Survival Guide – If you are mom, you sure can relate to her stories. Visit her blog and see how she manages life on tough situation.

8. My Green Living Ideas – This is what the world needs now. Go green.  Find practical tips on her blog on how to save mother earth.

9. Certified Foodies – I also blog for food and this blog will make you drool in every photos that she posted.  I tell you, once you visit her blog, you’ll blog for food too.

10. Notepad Corner – If you want to learn more things about blogging, go and visit her site. She is very keen in learning new things especially in this cyber generation.

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your blog makes us smile

I would like to thank Amiable Amy for these awards. You never know how you made me smile in every awards that I received from you. Thanks for including me and sharing your blessings to a new blogger like me.

Amy shared these tags/awards to me. I just can’t believe it that she sees my blog this way.
She is one of the nicest blogger that I met in blogosphere. She is a woman of wisdom, thoughtful and with good heart.


Two awards in a row. Sorry Amy that this award was posted so late. But big thanks, thanks for this.

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