Fast Loading PC

I am back! I am back blogging with my old but newly restored computer. I can’t wait to update my sites now with my fast loading and clean PC. All my files are now organized and stored in an external drive. I have no fear anymore of getting crashed. I learned a lot from all these troubles. I can now figure out when something wrong happens again with my PC.

I only spent only a little amount to restore. I just purchased a new hard disk and everything else was restored. The audio and the DVD writer are now back to regular programming. LOL. I just can’t stay longer yet because I still need to rest my hands to fully recover. But at least, I can update my sites now and blog from time to time.

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Crashed and Paralysed!

My computer broke down. My windows started to crash while my monitor keeps popping up the message, “disable the last hardware or software installed.” I am now partially paralysed.   When we tried to reformat, the installer could not even recognize and stop after several attempts made.  The blue screen keeps popping up. I’m afraid that all the photos will not be saved anymore. My hard disk is now a slave into another computer with hopes that it will still be recovered.

On the other side, I can finally rest my tired hands and sore elbow for a while. I am blogging from another computer, not mine. I find it really hard   out from my work station.   I don’t have any files or photos to blog but I will try to get one for this meme. If I may not be able to visit you all,  rest assured that all comments will be reciprocated as soon as everything is okay.   I’ll pray that there will be a good news tomorrow. Thank you!

366 BPC: Take down the Christmas Tree

So it’s true! Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration. 🙂 My Christmas tree is still up but I will take it down a little later. Summer is coming. Woot!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Today, I will put down the Christmas Tree. I don’t really wait till Chinese new year enters, I was just too busy, or should I say I was too lazy doing this.  I wish I have a store room so that I will just put  the whole tree and not take the ornaments/decorations down one by one.  Okey, I’ll start now.

If I may not visit all the BPC participants today, rest assured that I will reciprocate your comment/visit later. Thank you very much!

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366 BPC: Solid Shapes

I want to challenge myself to post one photo a day, I meant the current one so I’ll remember what day I had in my archives with BPC. I shouldn’t be posting the shameful image but no, I have too. I sweated out so much creating this  with the help of my little one. This task was assigned to her for Math subject, to create a prism image out of the following solid shapes: rectangular prism, cube, sphere, cone, pyramid and cylinder. Tadaa, here are the fruits of our labor. The first we made was  big and scary. I suggested we build a castle but she refused and said she needed a prism image like a robot. The first one was a bigger shape so I created another  and it was such a mess.   She chose the latter. I created with snowman in my mind but the image ended up as scarecrow. Haha.  We finished  them around 1am. Good thing I have enough 3M supplies to connect  the shapes. I don’t know what grade she will expect today for this assignment. Okay, never mind. 🙂

My  entry for 366 Blogger Photo Challenge