ATV Ride

I missed going out in our usual summer getaway. We used to spend at least one weekend in this resort located in a mountainous place about seven kilometers from our home in the province. We’ve planned to visit the resort again but the steep and rocky hills prevented us and we canceled the trip because the road is unsafe today with unexpected rainfall, except of course at the peak of summer. We love the place so much but going there needs an ATV because an ordinary¬† vehicle cannot pass through this rocky road.

I can describe the resort as heaven and you’ll feel calmed and relaxed with the beautiful view of nature. During rainy season, expect a muddy road to welcome you. Surely, you will have a pleasant ride if you have an atv power steering vehicle fitted for this adventure. Summer is perfect time to go out whether in a beach or in the woods. I am sad that that we cannot visit the resort this year unless of course we decide to take another way and that is taking a boat ride to reach the island.

This was taken during our last visit. It is way too muddy on part where there is no concrete road. The narrow lanes also add to unease driving where you need to take a full stop to give way to traffic.