Colorful Weekend with Philips Avent

During  Philips Avent event, mommies and expectant moms were invited to   enjoy another experience of  of the many facets of motherhood. With a theme,  From Pregnancy to Playground, the day was filled with joy and learning  and I was privileged to attend such event together with my younger daughter.

Mom and daughter were given a chance to take a photo at the  booth and later on,  kids were given an area to do their scrapbooking project  while moms  listened to  different informative talks from invited guest speaker.   The event was made more interesting  for expectant moms with talks by childbirth educator Lin Fernando of Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, baby sign language instructor Jaymie Pizarro,  breastfeeding consultant Dra. Pat Kho and Philips Avent Brand Ambassador Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

Tada!  She’s done with her scrap booking project.


Before we left, we grabbed the chance to take a photo with Philips Avent Brand Ambassador Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

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Who took the last slice?

I only got to view this today and I am thankful that I saved some photos in my expansion drive. Some photos were not recovered when my PC got busted for the second time around, but it was only few and not really important.  My daughter’s 14th birthday was a simple celebration but I cooked at least three recipes, ordered two viands  in a food store and   I bought a red ribbon cake.


This is cute.  Once your done with your cake, you’d see this printed in the paper plate,  “he who took the last slice buys the next cake.”  My two girls laughed as I  wipe till  the icing was gone. Oh well, the next slice is yet to come.

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Colorful Kipling

ON Kiplings 25th Anniversary last summer, we given a cupcake and stuff as a souvenir.  I  keep the box because it’s  very cute and now serves as  keeper of  my accessories.   The cupcake is very pretty to eat but edible to keep!   Even the toppings are edible and you would even  want to keep  them as a key chain and  or  as a  colorful  decorating stuff.


And oh,  occupying the  front seat of the runway  is Laureen Uy and Anton del Rosario of  Azkals.  I  did not let the chance pass without having a photo op with Anton.  I felt so overwhelmed  seeing one of the Azkals  and forgot  the  fashionista Laureen Uy.

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Scrapbooking Workshop and more

Scrapbooking always seemed to be last in my activvity list  because, for me, this kind of hobby is  expensive.  With all the available digital scrapbooking, why should I spend for this art?  That’s what I thought.   When I received an invitation  to attend a  Scrap N’ Tell worshop, I gave it a try with hope that I’ll get to know what made others love this activity.    My daughters who are lovers of scrapbook insisted to attend.    If you are a reader of my blog,  you surely know about my daughter’s project about scrapbooking and from there, she took this activity by heart.

At first I find it tiring and stressful to do.  Glad I made it!  It turned out so enjoyable and now I’m wanting more and looking forward to do all my  scrapbooking.  Yes, now!  Not tomorrow, later or soon.

It was  hard to follow at first and couldn’t  relate but later on after   every  details given to us from the artist,  I couldn’t believe it.  I made such a very beautiful mug, well at least in my own opinion.  I’m just  so proud of my work.

Project :  Mug or Pen Holder


Who would think that this card board  could  turn into a  very beautiful mug,  a very cute keepers in my working table, don’t you think?  Wait till you see my finished product.


One of the mugs here is mine.   Which of the mugs below   is the cutest?

At the second part of the event, we were given step by step instruction on how to make a scrapbook.

We followed carefully all the instructions and made a beautiful  scrapbook out of the materials given to us.

My seatmate Jing took it by heart, and me too.   I enjoyed a lot and it was my first time to do scrapbooking.

That’s all folks! I will post another entry on how to make a scrapbook step by step in my  next post. Get ready with your materials  and  let’s do scrapbboking together!

For more details about new products,  events and promos, please visit their website  at  or   Facebook account!/allaboutscrapbooking


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pink to brighten up my day

I was supposed to post this entry last week but my pc hangs every  now and then and when I get the chance to blog, it’s the time when my two girls would take the lappy  from me.  I thought my PC is still in good condition  because when I went to the shop, it works just fine, when I came home, it works either. Two days after, it acted up again and now my windows totally couldn’t start even in safe mode, maybe because of too many restarting procedures that  I made.  I called for service today and now  waiting for my  PC  to be fixed.  I hope it still works because I couldn’t afford to buy  a brand new unit, not today, not soon.

So here’s my entry for this week.  A colorful flower I took  from Puzzle Mansion.  It is now in my background as it refreshes my day by just looking at the light pink color.  It resembles the flower that I used to pick at the wild when I was a kid. It resembles the little princess spirea but it’s not. Please help me remember the name of  this flowery plant.

Florwers in full bloom, in pink, yellow and orange.

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