Have you cast your vote?

So the Comelec website is not updated. When I checked my registration online, my name is still listed in my old precinct. I went out to check my new registration and my name is validated as I filed for transfer here in Manila. Clustered precinct hours of voting is between 8am to 7pm. I spent my whole day updating and blogging but to make sure I won’t be late and miss my right to vote for election 2013, I stopped for a while and vote!  There you go folks, I’ve cast my vote and I’m proud of it!

Now the trouble is, they misspelled my name in the list.  Grrr..  I need to file again to validate so my ID would reflect the right spelling.  How could they misspell it when I only have four-letter name.  Huh.  Comelec.

Are you ready to vote?

I have been an active voter in my home province since 1993  as  indicated in COMELEC’s  website.   Last year,  I decided to transfer my registration record here in Manila.    After filing for transfer and change of  status,  I expected a smooth process and  the COMELEC officer who attended me  assured  that my name would be included in the new precinct  as indicated at  the receipt.  They told me that I can even vote  even without my  new voter’s ID.  Early this year,  I followed up for the said ID  but the Comelec staff  said that  my ID is not  yet available for  printing   and  is expected to be released  maybe two years after date of  registration.   So never mind,  there is no ID to be waited for because  it is clearly indicated that my transfer did not materialize.

Today my sister  messaged me  that  she  received a  mail  post   about my  registration detail and that I am still  an active voter in my home province.  So it’s true.  Does it mean that  my  old precinct did not validate   or did not accept  my  request  for  transfer?   The green receipt  in the photo  is  for  transfer of  registration and the blue one is for change of status.

I only have 8 days to email  Comelec to clarify  what really happened with my request.  All the while I was expecting that I could  vote  here in Manila  in fact,  I  already had my final list  of  candidates.   I am so disappointed.   What happened COMELEC?