Canon EOS 600D vs Nikon D5100 on Speed

For those who are looking for DSLR camera and need a review of Nikon and Canon, I recommend to browse the pages of Speed, the Shutterbug Issue last July 2011. This will help a lot for those who cannot decide on what unit to buy. I was actually referring also to myself who went to the store to buy SLR and ended up home with Olympus 800Uz which I have been using for more than  a year now.  It costs me around 24K last year, and the main reasons for buying the unit were the features and the price. It’s not about the unit  but an impulse buying worked on me again.

So what and why did I end up with this semi-pro? The advanced features enticed me, and because I wasn’t sure on what to buy, I grabbed the unit at once without even thinking on what I have been eyeing for a long time. My  desire to get a DSLR was set aside because I was also thinking of a new and advanced unit by which my budget doesn’t fit anymore.

Canon 550D worth around 42k

600D around 49k with 18-55mm kits lens instead.

Read more reviews for a smart choice so as not be deceived with features and some freebies that are not necessarily needed. Nikon D5100 is also better which costs 42k with 18-55mm kit lens. The features are almost the same with Canon 600D.

Grab your own copy now!

Pink Friday: Pink PSP Case and Theme

My daughter’s PSP 3000 with pink case and anti-slip. She uses the unit to browse the internet but it still needs to be modified in Greenhills shopping mall as recommended by a friend. I think we don’t need to rush as it surely will eat much of her time later. Let it stay the way it is now, no games, movies or media entertainment.

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My Daughter is an e-Bookworm!

My daughter is an e-bookworm. I say e-bookworm because she reads book in an electronic device. A bookworm as she is, always want to stay long in the bookstore to read books privately. Her dad gave her this e-book but she said that she prefers to read the real book because it is tiring in her already tired 325 vision eyes. eBook has 200 books and battery can stand for few hours. I wonder how my daughter will be able to finish reading all the books installed in it.