The Road to Liliw

You will pass by about six town after Calamba before you get to Liliw Laguna. Please check the google map for this as I am not sure of the exact information I provided here. The road is quite narrow and long and you will find houses almost a kilometer distance in between. Traveling by night is not recommended. I could imagine how dark is it at night with no lamp posts and houses on the street.

The road trip even if it takes you few hours along the provincial highway is relaxing with the green fields and mountainous side as common sight.

Drying rice along the highway is also a common thing here. You will pass by the road where almost half of the lane is covered. In this photo, the owner of the rice is still considerate for not eating the whole lane. In case there is a vehicle coming on the other side, you need to stop and give way so as not to hit the “palay”.

I will post about the whole trip in my other blog, up next..