Manila Kingpin, The Asiong Salonga Story

Manila Kingping, The Asiong Salonga Story is a true to life story and now among the official entry to the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival 2011. The film is an action movie with main casts Carla Abellana and Jeorge “ER” Estregan as “Asiong Salonga.” Carla plays the first wife of Asiong Salonga in the movie.

During the prescon, Gov. Estregan was asked what makes this film different from the old “Asiong Salonga” movie. He said that a research study was conducted including interviews with the family of Asiong Salonga that the old movie missed.  The movie includes the untold story  of  Asiong Salonga.   The  producer invested enough time and budget to produce such quality film intended to release internationally. The movie was shot entirely in black and white to really feel how Tondo looked like few decades ago including the vintage car they used in the scene and the producers rebuilt the old town of Tondo.

It has been a while since I watched an action film. I got thrilled by just viewing the full trailer and I just can’t wait till I watch this one! This is a quality movie that you shouldn’t miss!

Tondo, Manila..

The Ancient Filipino gangland, year 1910 to 1950. Gangwars were in. A bloodbath of violence was the name of the game. Gangster fearlessly carried Thompsons and Grease Guns in a Bayong. Police characters were just too tough resulting to bloody encounters. All dreaded hoodlums and notorious gang leaders dreamt to be King.

But one smart and slippery mobster rose to power and reigned as King. He was the youngest and toughest Public Enemy No. 1 from 1945 to 1951 the Tondo underworld ever bred. He was feared, respected and loved. A legendary Robinhood and daring toughie in his time Tondo will never forget. He robbed the rich to give to the poor.

But as the saying goes, crime does not pay. He was a victim of gang rivalry, Gangland Vendetta. Politics and double cross which ended his shady career.

His henchmen called him Hitler. Tondo remembers him by another name… Asiong Salonga.