Azkals lose to Turkmenistan 2 -0

It’s a hearthbreaking loss, Turkmenistan 2-1 Phil Azkals score. I could almost smell the victory but the Turksmen lead the score in the last few minutes of the game that advances them into finals. This is what the football game is. Unexpected. Anything could happen within 90′. The Azkals were the first to score a goal in the first half.

RT by Phil Younghusband

“Disappointed, but we have to look forward. Next goal = 3rd place which would be an incredible achievement!”

Before the end of the game, Neil Etheridge was given a red card while Carli de Murga took his place as GK in the last 4 mins of the game.

Congratulations Azkals, you still did a very good job! You already made history in the Asian Football.

The Philippines will play next with Palestine on Monday, 4:45 pm for the third place.