Draw Result for Home Game 0-0 Azkals vs Singapore

It’s  0-0 for the 1st  Leg of Suzuki Cup 2012 between  Azkals  and  Singapore.  According to Coach Weiss, the result is not a win, but it’s a good result.   Azkals did not give a chance for visiting team to score an  away goal and that’s really a good result for the Philippine Azkals.   Azkals put  the Lions  under pressure  for the 2nd leg.  For the Azkals,   they  need   to equalize the score to advance to final.  If we make at least one goal,  Singapore needs  2  goals to win.  Nevertheless,   Azkals need to concentrate on the away game.  Let’s all hope for a  better result and cheers for  the Azkals.

Malaysia vs. Thai for Group A, 1st Leg

Meanwhile, I watched Malaysia vs Thailand last night for the 1st leg  held at National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia.  The huge stadium was jampacked with  football fans who supported their home game with  cheers and chants.  I was tweeting when a  girl  tweetmate replied to my updates. She said, it looks like we were only two watching the game via Star Sports  and not affected much of  Pacquiao’s loss.   Malaysia drew 1-1 against Thailand.   It was an away goal for Thailand.  The  2nd leg would be a big advantage for Thailand,  an away goal plus home advantage.  I cheered for Thailand because they played so intense but when I  watched how Malaysia team played, I changed my mind.   Any of  the two  teams would be a good opponent for Azkals,  should Azkals  advance to  final game.  *Keeping my fingers crossed*

Next game:

AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Semifinals 2nd leg
Dec 12 8pm Jalan Besar Singapore v Philippines  (away game)
Dec 13 7pm Supachalasai Thailand v Malaysia